B & L Lawn Services


Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is the main service that we offer. We mow and trim. When we are done, we will blow off the driveway and the walk ways. We will haul all of the clippings away when we leave. Regular mowing is important to avoid a fungus.

Power Raking

We use a power rake, which pulls up dead grass on your lawn. We bag up the clippings and haul the clippings away, then blow everything off. It is usually done in spring or fall. Power raking is also called dethatching. Besides removing the dead thatch it improves water drainage, let seeds germinate, and allows fertilizer to penetrate to help your lawn grow. 


(Also called plugging) this machine removes plugs of dirt which improves the compacted soil.  Can be done in spring or fall.  This, too, improves water drainage and allows important nutrients to reach the roots


There is multiple steps to this. First, We will use our Power Rake to bring up the thatch and bag it all up with our lawn mowers. Then we will use our aerators to decompact your soil and alow drainage. Then, we will put forn grass seed and starter ferilizer  This will give a green thick lawn and gets rid of bare spots. It can help with weeds and makes the lawn tough and durable.  It can also improve areas burnt from dog urine.  .


We fertilize once a month and will spray weeds in the yard. We offer a 4 or 5 step program. Fertilizing will enhance growth in your lawn and can prevent weeds in your lawn.

Snow Removal

Using snow plow, snow blowers, and good old fashion shovels, we'll dig you out of the heaviest snowfalls.  Some customers ask us to remove the snow after every snowfall, others prefer we take over once we've received 2 inches or more.  We are flexible to the needs of our cutomers.